So you have decided to say "yes" to your loved one in a unique city. Let us help with our knowledge, together we'll make your wedding day unforgettable.

The photo service will begin at the bride house, where the photographer will take several shots in order to capture some moments before the ceremony, as well as some smaller details. The bride will be photographed during her styling and makeup; the photographer will put attention on her wedding dress, some accessories such as gloves, veil, shoes, rings and her bouquet. Then he will capture some moments spent with her parents, best men and all the relatives that are working for the preparation of the ceremony. There will be at least one photographer and, if requested by the couple, a video operator. Both will follow the bride throughout the preparation in the unique style of reportages that distinguishes the work of Wladimiro.


On requested we can also follow the groom preparation for the wedding. In this case we'll send an additional photographer to the groom house, while the main photographer (Wladimiro) will cover the bride preparation in full; both the photographers will work with the same care and attention. Nothing will escape the eye of our cameras! And while the bride will be still struggling with her finishing touches, his groom will be already waiting at the church (if they've chosen to wed with a religious ritual) or at the town hall (if they've chosen to wed with a civil ceremony); a photographer will be with him, taking some photos of his wait and later some shots of the arrival of his bride.


And finally the long awaited moment: the arrival of the bride, the wedding march starts and the ceremony begins! During the wedding ceremony one or more photographers will continuously take pictures of the couple as well of the other participants with the discretion they've learn to adopt in many years of professional work; to be as less intrusive as possible they'll use flash lights only when needed, and they won't disturb the couple as well as the best men and the priest. Every moment and every emotion will be captured, including the environment, best men, relative and guests.


On couple request, once the ceremony is over the bride and the groom will leave their guests for a photographic session in one or more significant or suggestive locations of their preference. And finally there will be time for relax at the banquet: relax for the couple, not for the photographers that will continue to shot photos and document every aspect of the day from the arrival at the restaurant till the cutting of the wedding cake.




Do you wish to see more pictures that'll show you how we work? Then take a look at our gallery about wedding photography:

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Sports and dance

Here are some shots I have taken in the last years:


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Studio Portraits

Studio portraits are a nice and easy way for advertising yourself or for making a nice and unique gift. As usual we can offer you all our experience.

Who can be photographed?

Elderly or young adults, infants or children, pets, individually or in couples or groups. We also make portraits for businessmen (eg. directors, lawyers, doctors), or portraits of a staff in a company, either individually or in groups.

Who could be interested in doing a portrait?

  • Young talents or aspiring models who want to create their own book.
  • Everyone who needs one or more photos to be shown to the others for work or pleasure
  • Everyone who needs to have a portrait of himself/herself or another family member to make a gift to his / her fiancee or parents.
  • Everyone who wants a nice picture for his/her own pleasure

The portraits can be shot by appointment every day from Monday to Friday. On request it is also possible to have photo sessions on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

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Special Events

Whether you need a photographer for a meeting or have some professional pictures of  your products, Wladi’s Photo will offer you the utmost professionalism. Each meeting is followed from its beginning to the day of departure, upon request with the presence of a video operator. In our long experience we had the honor of working with many companies.

Whether it’s a large occasion or a sacred event, Wladi’s photo is able to follow you step by step, immortalising both the important moments and the individual emotions. We are completely at your service for your every photographic or tele-visual need , regarding:


Whatever service requested by the client can be evaluated and agreed on, even on the day. We will be delighted to meet your specific requirements, whether amateur or professional.

Here are a minor selection of photos:


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Studio Portraits

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