Studio Portraits

Studio portraits are a nice and easy way for advertising yourself or for making a nice and unique gift. As usual we can offer you all our experience.

Who can be photographed?

Elderly or young adults, infants or children, pets, individually or in couples or groups. We also make portraits for businessmen (eg. directors, lawyers, doctors), or portraits of a staff in a company, either individually or in groups.

Who could be interested in doing a portrait?

  • Young talents or aspiring models who want to create their own book.
  • Everyone who needs one or more photos to be shown to the others for work or pleasure
  • Everyone who needs to have a portrait of himself/herself or another family member to make a gift to his / her fiancee or parents.
  • Everyone who wants a nice picture for his/her own pleasure

The portraits can be shot by appointment every day from Monday to Friday. On request it is also possible to have photo sessions on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

Want to see more picture about how we work? Then have a look at some of my photos:

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