Wladimiro Speranzoni, owner of the photo studio “Wladi’s photo”, is a professional photographer who has been taking care of the photographic coverage of private events and social events, still-life, industrial photography and fashion shoots. Venetian born in 1970, is responsible above all for weddings and high level for most celebrated in Venice in the most fantastic hotel class to it, working with wedding planners from around the world or directly contacted by interested parties always with utmost seriousness and professionalism .

In the field of industrial photography has often been engaged with the task of enhancing the products of some companies; gave him an opportunity to work on many catalogs and brochures, including some for the hotel “Hilton Molino Stucky,” “The Westin Europa & Regina,” “Ca ‘Sagredo”, “islands” of Venice and others, several fitness centers, the catering “Dogaressa,” shipyard “the venexiana” for which he promoted recreational boats built by them and some glass factories as the “Showy” and “Tagliapietra & Badioli”; also some of his images have been included in the series “Small luxury hotels of the world” in the book “Celebrating 20 years of luxury.” He has also performed photographic services for events and follow openings, working with major Italian and foreign brands, including the organization Benè, shops Damiani, Rocca, Vhernier, Kitton. He also participated as the official photographer at the 20th anniversary of Calzedonia and offered their services to cover corporate conferences to Vodafone, Telecom Italy, Nestle, Smith & Nephew, Technics / Panasonic and during the launch of the Volkswagen Passat. E ‘was also the official photographer for the’ American cup for Newziland which took place in Venice.

He currently works with more than twenty-seven Italian and foreign agencies that organize events and religious ceremonies Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Anglican and blessing. He has made a photoshoot working closely with the artist Loredana Raciti for the Venice Biennale, and has also made ​​a report on the exhibition of painting and sculpture at Palazzo Grassi comes from the collection of François Pinault “Sequence”, with the participation of Naomi Campbell.

Between 2009 and 2010 he collaborated with the Venice Biennale for the pavilions of Spain and Estonia, and for the creation of a catalog of art and architecture with the great photographer Dean Kaufman. He also worked for the foundation Golinelli. He continued to work with the Venice Biennale in 2014 and has been a photographer for the Pavilion of Turkey for the artist Suha Ozkan.

Performs photographic services for the consulate of Monaco and Prince Albert, he got to work in photo shoots for the Savoy family, and personally oversaw VIP weddings including the footballer Massimo Ambrosini and worldly celebrations with the participation of personalities from the world political and entertainment.

He also worked for the Navy to cover various events including visits by the Chief of Staff, the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano and Foreign Minister Ignazio La Russa; and from this year also offers its expertise to the naval school “Francesco Morosini” in Venice.

For years, makes photographic services for the most important and well-known schools of ballet and modern dance in Venice, and also works for the ANCE of Venice, for the association Knights of Malta, Knights of St. Mark and Italy